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For many people the search for a cheap remortgage deal can be time consuming and complex. After all your research how do you know you have found the best remortgage rate available today. Here at J P Financial we can help you save time and money by finding you a remortgage quote that meets your demands and needs.

  • Debt consolidation remortgage lenders

There are a number of UK mortgage lenders that offer competitive remortgage deals to people looking to consolidate existing credit cards, car finance and other unsecured credit loans and agreements. Remortgages are available for both fixed and variable rates with tie ins of between 2 and five years. Some lenders will ffer upto 10 year fixed rate remortgage deals.

  • Clear debts with a  remortgage

Using a remortgage to clear up your debts is possibly one of the cheapest ways of saving money. We update our software on a daily basis to make sure we have the latest remortgage deals available

  • Remortgage for a new rate

You may be looking to switch mortgage lenders as your current deal has come to an end. We can provide you with as many remortgage quotes as you require.

  • Compare cheap remortgage deals

The headline remortgage rate offered by a lender should always be compared against all the other associated costs with a remortgage. For what looks like a cheap remortgage deal may in fact work out expensive once the lenders valuation fee, arrangement fee, booking fee and exit costs have been taken into account.

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