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Right to Buy Mortgages

To be eligible for the the right to buy, you must have been a secure council tenant for at least two years (or five years if you became a tenant after 18 January 2005). You will also be entitled to a discount from the purchase price. The amount of discount you will receive depends on the length of time you have been a council tenant. The maximum discount ranges from £16,000 to £38,000 for both flats and houses depending on where you live. For a more precise amount you will need to contact your local council right to buy department.

Right to buy mortgages

Not all lenders provide mortgages for the council house right to buy scheme and those that do have specific guidelines that must be followed. As mortgage brokers we have experience of processing right to buy mortgages, which helps smooth the process for you.

Mortgages for council house purchases can be either interest only or repayment and can be repaid between 5 and 40 years. You will also be offered the choice of fixed rates, variable or discount, these introductory rates are available from 2 to 10 years. For the latest deals quotes and advice contact us today.

Can’t prove income

For some people it is difficult for them to prove all of there income as it is made up from various sources be it from freelance work, cash in hand, irregular bonuses, infrequent overtime, contract work. For whatever reason you do not have payslips or can not prove all of your income as you are self employed. Speak to our mortgage advisors as we have access to lenders who do not always require proof of income on application.

Right to buy bad credit

Not everybody has a perfect credit score and for these people they will find getting a right to buy mortgage with bad credit difficult. There are banks available that will lend to people who have a low credit score, CCJ’s, missed or late payments on loans and credit agreements.

Right to buy remortgage

You may already own your property and are coming to the end of the pre-emption period which will allow you to remortgage or sell on as you will now be classed as a private home owner. We can advise on ex council property’s for right to buy remortgages, rates are currently very competitive.

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