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Mortgage Lenders

Anyone that’s has a mortgage will always be looking for the best mortgage lender, but how do you now what to look for. Here at J P financial we use are specialist mortgage knowledge and software to source the best mortgage deals the UK mortgage market has to offer.

There are hundreds of banks, building society’s and finance houses in the UK offering a wide range of products. Each company has a unique selling point and it our job to match your criteria to the best deal available. Whatever your situation be it a first time buyer, homer owner looking for a new mortgage or remortgage we will be able to save you time and money. Not only can we help you find a new mortgage deal but also complete all of the work on your behalf.

You may have been with your current lender for some time and have stayed with them through loyalty, this can work against you in the long term as most lenders have introductory offers to attract new business. You could be losing out of thousands of pounds over the term of your mortgage.

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Mortgage Calculator

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