Renee’s Plastic Surgeon In San Diego

Have you seen the dramatic change in Renee Zellweger’s face? Doesn’t she look completely different? She was in Southern California where she got it done. She looked up a Rhinoplasty and got work done. The odd thing I find about it though, is that she doesn’t look like herself anymore. It’s literally like a brand new person to me.

What was really shocking to me was the fact that she looks actually older. But not in a bad way. Not in the slightest at all. She looks like a well matured woman. Like she aged like a perfect wine for the perfect meal. People were dramatically shocked when she walked on the red carpet. People couldn’t recognize her until the word started spreading around it was her. She actually kind of reminds me of saraha Jessica parker, but without the long horse face. Yeah yeah I know, don’t shoot me its just my personal opinion Most people who get it done are either in los angeles office or a san diego office.

Of course, the actress was coming under heavy scrutiny by the public, but she told the reporters that she is glad she looks completely different. I guess she got tired of people saying her face looks like she sucked on a lemon and it permanently damaged her face in that pose. Or looks like she is doing the zoolander pose. Plastic surgeons chimed in and said that she had gotten laser or ultrasound procedures that when done correctly, will make the skin tighten.

Obviously, parents are concerned with the whole “you’re fine the way you look”, since changing the face of someone is really changing their identity in a sense. I mean the way humans recognize someone is generally the face.  The things that made her unique in the acting industry are now gone, but now she is just another beautiful woman in the sea of actors. Thankfully for her sake, she already has an established career and can play many other roles now.

That was actually one of the main reasons she got it. She has been turned down roles due to the facial characteristics that made her, well… her. That sucked up pouty looking face.

In the end, I think we all can agree that the plastic surgeon who did her surgery did an outstanding job. They didn’t mess up one bit and she is as beautiful as ever. Just a different version of herself.


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